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Tips in buying commercial real estate in fall 2020
The coronavirus has prompted big changes to the commercial real estate industry. Despite current downturns, industry professionals must look to the future and understand that commercial real estate will eventually bounce back. There will be ample opportunities for investors to adapt and innovate to meet new demands in retail, office space and housing sectors.
The pandemic failed to derail the housing market
Low mortgage rates coupled with a shift to working at home are driving demand, Yun says The deadliest pandemic in more than a century has failed to derail the housing market because of the lowest mortgage rates ever recorded coupled with a shift in how people use their homes. “The buyers are coming in...
COVID-19 changed the future of Landlording
We’ve heard it a million times in the last four months, stated in a variety of ways: These are unprecedented, surreal, bizarre and sometimes scary times. The way we run our businesses and our lives may be altered forever. Change truly is the only constant, and we collectively feel that now more than ever before.
Help your clients navigate the generational wealth transfer
Brokers in the real estate industry hold their client lists dear. Relationship-building is our bread and butter. We tailor our activities to enhance and grow that list. We advertise, cold call, attend professional events, broaden our knowledge base and hit the mixers. You might think you have covered every angle to ensure your relevance to...
Blackstone is back to the single-family rental game
Minority investment in Tricorn Residential comes after selling stake in Invitation Homes just months Blackstone Group, which blazed a trail for Wall Street in 2012 when it formed Invitation Homes and became the largest owner of single-family rental homes in America, has returned to a familiar watering hole. The financial firm is...
Zillow’s dotloop made accessible for California association of realtors
Form creation, e-signatures and transaction management systems in a single end-to-end solution The California Association of Realtors on Monday made its standard forms directly integrated and available on the dotloop platform. Through this integration, CAR agents who use dotloop will no longer need to download and upload forms manually. The Zillow Group-owned online transaction and productivity...
Trump announced a moratorium on residential evictions through the end of the year
Though a moratorium is in effect, tenants are still obligated to pay rent Citing concern about the spread of the coronavirus, the Trump administration on Tuesday announced a moratorium on most residential evictions through the end of the year. The order, made public by the Centers for Disease Control on Tuesday, will prevent...
Build generational wealth by leveraging real estate
If you're part of the real estate business or plan on breaking into it, you're probably quite familiar with the handy term "BRRRR investing." This method has grown rapidly over the years and entails buying a distressed property that will ultimately be rehabbed, rented and refinanced and then repeating this process — like all great strategies.
Things that property managers should know on cost segregation
That was the bell — class is in session. Today you'll learn how cost segregation can lead to accelerated depreciation of an income property. Now, before we begin, I want to clarify that I am neither an attorney nor an accountant, so please don't take the advice of this article without first consulting your licensed attorney and...
Apartment startup STratis IoT acquired by RealPage
RealPage said it plans to retain Stratis' employees and operations Proptech company RealPage has entered the smart building space. The company paid an undisclosed amount to acquire STratis IoT, a property management tech firm based in Philadelphia. Stratis IoT connects smart apartment systems and devices into one app, integrating over 100 of the...