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How family offices’ investments resist this pandemic?
Without a crystal ball, it is impossible to say precisely what the coronavirus pandemic will ultimately do to real estate, but we can make reasonable guesses based on what we know about the economy and markets in general. For example, when a global recession occurs, family offices can generalize about the economic impact on real estate. 
Greatest report ever for new home sale
The role of housing inventory and builder confidence Sometimes keeping things simple makes the message more clear. I have been consistent in my stance that during the years 2008 to 2019, we had the weakest housing recovery ever. I said that housing starts would never start a year at 1.5 million until we...
Juggernaut of the new home sales continues
"More sales means more construction means more sales" Sales of new homes rose to an annualized rate of 999,000 in October – 0.3% below September’s 1,002,000 revised rate but still a massive 41.5% higher than the same time last year, according to the Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. With October’s data in,...
What is this second lockdown going to do with the red-hot Seattle housing market?
Multiple offers and tens of thousands over asking price are still the norm, agents say In November, the state of Washington was placed in a second lockdown until Dec. 14, a move that suspended open houses, although private showings are allowed with no more than five people. What is this second lockdown going...
The greatest year-over-year for home sales gain since 2014
According to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller home prices index The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller index covering home prices of all nine U.S. census divisions rose 7% in September from a year ago, the greatest year-over-year gain since 2014, and nearly 23% higher than its last peak in 2006. The September increase was also greater than...
When is the right time to buy commercial real estate?
Market downturns can be a prelude to profitability if you have the funds to take advantage of it. During a market downturn, real estate becomes more affordable. However, just like other assets, commercial real estate (CRE) investors need to find that sweet spot to get in just as the property values start to rise.
Is there a social responsibility for private real estate investors to help renters?
Social scientists will look back on the year 2020 as a time when minorities were disproportionately impacted by financial insecurity, and, I hope, as a time when their largest creditor, major landlords — forced by government moratoriums on evictions — helped them. Yet with $7.2 billion in outstanding rent balances and a lifting of eviction restrictions, questions linger about...
The returning demand for distressed housing
Foreclosure sales rate and bids-per-asset are both at an all-time high Auction.com‘s Distressed Market Outlook report for the fourth quarter shows a pick-up in demand for distressed housing, with a 24% increase in completed foreclosure auction volume in September. In addition, the foreclosure sales rate is at a seven-year high, and REO bids-per-asset are at...
Avoid an offseason in real estate with these three tips
Winter is upon us, and real estate agents across the U.S. are preparing for a sales hibernation during the slow season. In real estate, I believe there is no time or excuse to have an offseason when all the tools needed to succeed are available to you. Mindset is everything and the proof is in the sales....
Real estate 'window shoppers' are cutting out because of covid-19 restrictions
The New York City real estate market has been in flux for months, but the safeguards created to protect homebuyers, agents and sellers from the novel coronavirus has created a silver lining — they’ve decreased the number of so-called “lookie loos,” the term for people who are more interested in touring a property than actually buying it.